Thursday, 12 August 2010

lipstick in the rain

You should watch out when I'm wearing bright lipstick.

I do it a lot, but still.

Lipstick says "I want you to think about my lips, but I'm not going to kiss you with them." That would mess it up. It's all about attention to my mouth. I want you looking at it while I'm talking and thinking about it, not just what's coming out of it but the shape, the soft curves of lips accentuated in bold red or hot pink, brighter than any other girl in the room.

Always my goal.

My lipstick says "If you kiss me with this, it's going to be messy. It's going to leave a mark." Sure, it washes off eventually, maybe with a little scrubbing. The faint hint of red there for a while after. You'll remember me when you look at your own mouth.

Is it a warning? Did I put it on just for you? I like leaving you wondering.

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